Welcome to the Monroe Foundation for Autism website!
The Monroe Foundation for Autism was founded in 2009 by Tamara Monroe. The driving force behind Mrs. Monroe’s decision to start this organization was the impact that her son’s diagnosis had on her family. When her oldest son was diagnosed with autism in 2004 she had little knowledge of the disorder. She found out very quickly how difficult it was to obtain services if you did not have the financial means to pay out of pocket for services for your child and this troubled her. As she navigated through the system and educated her she decided very early on that she wanted to create a resource for other parents who may be in the same situation that she was in. The foundation is incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania and it is a 501 c3 charitable organization. The foundation received a grant in 2010 from the Philadelphia Phillies organization and it currently receives a grant from the Bristol Township Office of Community Development.
Social Skills Groups
The purpose of these groups is to promote socialization, working together and to educate the children on different social issues they may encounter during their daily lives. The autism social skills groups are taught by Master’s level teachers who hold a degree in a related field.
Music Social Skills Groups
The music social skills groups are taught by Music schools that have experience  dealing with children on the spectrum.
The goal of these groups is similar to the social skills groups except that we include music into the groups as another means of socialization & understanding social cues.
The advocacy component is used as needed if the parent is experiencing any issues in the school and has questions related to the services that the school is providing or not providing.
The foundation currently runs autism social skills groups, music social skills and provides school advocacy work when needed..Each session runs for six weeks at a time once a week for one hour.
The mission of this organization is to help as many children and families that we can. One family at a time.
- T.Monroe
1250 Veterans Highway Suite G18A
Bristol, PA 19007