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The Monroe Foundation for Autism was founded in 2009 and it is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization. We are dedicated to helping families affected by autism who do not qualify for government assistance by providing free autism social skills groups that help children gain confidence, work with peers, and help them learn appropriate social behavior. This cause is very close to my heart because of the struggles that my family went through when our son was diagnosed with autism. I decided to take action and create a local resource for families struggling with autism to turn to. 
Social skills groups
 Our groups promote socialization and provide a platform where children can learn about the different social cues that children with autism often misread. Each group is taught by a certified teacher who holds a Master's degree in a related field.
Music social skills groups
The music socials skills groups are similiar to the social skills groups except for the fact that we incorporate the element of music in an attempt to provide an additional way for the children to express themselves.
School advocacy
In addition to our social skills groups we are also committed to helping our parents with any school related issues they may be dealing with.
The Monroe Foundation for Autism is run solely on fundraising and private money so any help you can give is greatly appreciated. We are no longer receiving grants despite the fact that our services are greatly needed in our community. Please donate today!

Eventbrite - 4th Annual Autism Family Fun Walk

5th Annual Family Fun Walk 
Falls Township Community Park
Saturday April 23, 2016
Basketball Camp Coming Soon!