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Food for Thought!
A Day in the Life of Parent of a Child with Autism by Tamara Monroe

Feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted
Feeling the need to constantly explain the words or actions of your child
Feeling as if you are on an emotional rollercoaster
Feeling vulnerable
Feeling misunderstood
Feeling lost and helpless
Feeling saddened by the fact that as a parent you have no control over this
Constantly trying to emphasize the fact your child and their diagnosis are two separate entities
Feeling like you are under a microscope
Feeling an indescribable feeling of joy as you watch your child grow and progress in spite of the obstacles that present themselves with this diagnosis. And then you realize that as much as you want to throw in the towel and give up you, remember that your child is living with and triumphing through this every day and they still find a way to go on and not let autism win so why can’t you. This is what a typical day is in my life as a parent of a child with autism, and this is what drives me to educate myself and advocate for my child and other children on the autism spectrum.